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Review: The Girl in Keller's Way - Megan Goldin

The Girl in Kellers Way

Review: The Girl In Keller's Way - Megan Goldin - May 2017

After reading both of Megan's later books The Night Swim and the Escape Room, I decided to go back to her debut novel "The Girl in Keller's Way". Like her later books, this one had all the twists and turns and the psychological angle. It was also easier to spot that this was her first novel and I have to admit she has improved quite a lot from this book to The Night Swim and really grown into her writing and found her footing. This book starts with a couple Julie and her professor husband Matt. Julie is a stepmother to their daughter and lives constantly in the shadow of Matt's previous wife Laura who we learn was killed years earlier. The book starts with her going running and needing to clear her head, that is until on her trip she is almost hit by a car that then swerves and crashes. The guy before he dies, tells her to run away as fast as she can and that she is in danger. Shaken, Julie arrives home and tells her husband only for him to shrug it off as PTSD and a false memory as she was hit earlier in the month and her dog Roxy got the brunt of it and died. This starts the downfall of Julie as we watch her husband trying to pump her with medicine and change her perception of things. The second storyline is that another body has been found in Keller's way and it turns out to be Laura - someone did a good job of trying to keep her buried. What happens though when Matt's perfect life starts to crack and we discover he isn't as good as he exudes? Will Julie's life be next to be extinguished or will Matt have to change up his way to getting rid of his second wife? Find out more in Australian Author Megan Goldin's debut novel "The Girl in Keller's Way.

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