Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Review: The Other Nadia Bisset - C.A Wittman

The Other Nadia Bisset

Review: The Other Nadia Bisset - Book #1 Dawn of Lilith Series - C.A Wittman - March 2021

Whenever I see a book about either twins or a child kidnapping, I just want to read it as the trope especially the whole "stolen at birth" etc has always fascinated me. The reason behind it could be that as a baby myself, I was taken twice by strangers and luckily my parents were very onto it and both times my parents got me back very quickly. In The Other Nadia Bisset, we meet a young mother Carla who lives with her French husband Jean-Claude. She is a lot younger than he is and has just had two twin daughters named Nadia and Lydia. As her husband is cheap and away traveling quite often which we later learn the reason behind, Carla is struggling to raise two twin daughters. That is until she meets her new next-door neighbour Krista Temple and the pair become fast and quick friends. They even start to have this illicit affair and joke about sharing children. Then tragedy strikes for Carla as she wakes up drugged next to Nadia. Krista and Lydia - Nadia's twin is nowhere to be seen and thus begins the search for Krista and Lydia, as it seems Krista has kidnapped Lydia. The book then goes into trying to identify Krista as it seems that was a pseudonym and as the story unravels, it looks like quite a few people in the story are keeping dangerous secrets and they all seem to be surrounding the supposed identity of Krista. Will Carla ever be reunited with Lydia and Nadia to have her other half back as the twins were also known as Mirror Twins. Find out in this twisty thriller by C.A Wittman today which took a twist that even I didn't see coming in the end regarding Carla's husband Jean-Claude - that blew me away.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3vkKIZZ

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