Review: Recommended for You - Laura Silverman

Recommended for You

Review: Recommended For You - Laura Silverman - September 2020

Trawling through the new YA and Children's books at the library, I came across Recommended for You by Laura Silverman and I was instantly drawn in with the bookish cover and it also looked like a cutesy story as it was in our teen section of the library. However, after reading this book, I felt it would have been more suited in the children's fiction section as the characters though she was about 15-16 as she had to be old enough to work and drive a car, she seemed quite immature and naive and the tone of this book had a Tween feel to it and more suitable for ages 11-15 years. The book starts with Shoshanna who works at a bookshop in the local mall called Once Upon a Time. The bookshop is her safe place, her refuge, and her home away from home. The setting on this book is Christmas and since it's set in the states - it is Winter and we have our mall madness with Christmas shopping. Lately, home life for Shoshanna has been a bit difficult as her mums are arguing lately as well as her car that means the world to her is falling apart - you could say things are tense and now her safe space at the bookshop is about to get disrupted when the owner hires a new guy - Jake Kaplan. From day one Jake and Shoshanna clash and the worst thing is he doesn't even read, like who works at a bookshop and doesn't read. This made me laugh as I worked at the library for 14 years and the amount of staff I meet who didn't read was surprising as who works at a library and doesn't read? What will happen though when the owner announces a competition to see who could sell the most books and now both Shoshanna and Jake are in the running, making them more enemies than co-workers? If you love friendships, enemies, diversity, and books that include queer romances and different cultures like Jewish with the characters celebrating Hannukah as well as disabilities then check out Recommended For You by Laura Silverman which has something for everyone.



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