Sunday, April 18, 2021

Review: Lumberjanes - Volume #17 - Smitten in the Stars - Various Writers/Illustrators

Lumberjanes Vol. 17: Smitten in the Stars

Review: Lumberjanes - #Volume 17 - Smitten in the Stars - Various Authors - February 2021

Volume #17 of the Lumberjanes has the camp split in half as half of the camp is going off Alien Hunting whereas the other half are on their journey to see the Meteor shower that is supposed to be happening tonight. While the group led by Emily and Jo is off alien-hunting as we learn that Emily's parents love everything Alien-related and even own a UFO-styled diner. Hes decides that this is his chance to ask Mal about love advice as she and Molly are the "perfect camp couple" as Hes has feelings for Diane - our Goddess. Meanwhile, in the other group, Barney is walking with Molly and Diane when all of a sudden his cat is kidnapped by a Norse Goddess who believes the cat belongs to the Goddess Freja and it is her job to bring it back to her. However, can Barney convince her that she has things mixed up and we see Diane getting angry as she is no longer the only Goddess at the camp and this is her territory? I have to admit I wasn't as impressed with this particular volume of Lumberjanes as the storyline fell a bit flat for my liking compared to the other adventures that the girls and Barney have experienced before in previous volumes. Like I felt that the Alien storyline could have been played on a bit more as this felt like a fantastical adventure that the girls could fit right into.

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