Monday, April 5, 2021

Review: Snapped - Alexa Martin

Snapped (Playbook, #4)

Review: Snapped - Book #4 Playbook Series - Alexa Martin - October 2020

The latest girl to join the Lady Mustangs and the crowd at HERS - the bar that Brynn owns is Elliot Read. Elliot, though she is half-black as always tried to do the right thing as she was raised by a white dad and has worked hard to be where she is today. She is now busy working with the Denver Mustangs as a PR rep and trying to move on after her dad's death. This book starts when black footballer Quinton Howard Jnr decides to blackout the football's logo and take a knee during the national anthem. This wouldn't have been such a PR disaster but the thing was that Quinton didn't let anyone know he was going to do it. I have to admit I have enjoyed the series Playbook but felt that Snapped was a bit more leaning on the political side of things and had a strong BLM focus. Now, this is good but when I want to read, I read for escapism from reality and the focus of BLM is currently and has been for the past year - all we see everywhere online. I did continue reading it as I had read the previous three books and wanted to complete the series. In this book, we also see that just as Elliot and Quinton's relationship heads to the next level, Elliot must decide over her job/money and career or her relationship and integrity as she is asked to host an event for a new political figure who is very outspoken about blacks and anyone not white.  What will Elliot choose - Heart or Head?


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