Review: Off the Map - JL Crosswhite

Off the Map

Review: Off the Map - Book #1 In The Shadow - JL Crosswhite - February 2020

In Off the Map by JL Crosswhite several storylines mainly featured around Allie and Collins. Growing up Allie had a crush on Collins and he was to be her prom date but someone else asked him first and they missed their chance. Now ten years later they are in the same town and as they shared the same friends, back in the same circles. When the pair reconnect, we can see that the sparks are still hot and smoldering. For years, Allie and her siblings have been planning a great American road trip and finally, the trip is here but what happens when two of Allie's siblings have to pull out. In their place, we have Collins and their friend Kim. Along the way, we read as their relationship starts to form and each couple Scott and Melissa (Allie's sister) and Kim and Matthew (Allie's brother) grow. The second storyline is the suspense and thriller side as there has been a Night stalker copycat attacking woman, he even calls himself Richard Ramirez. It seems now that Allie interrupted his latest attack, he has set his eyes on making her pay -no matter what the cost, which in this book is following them on their road trip across America waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. If you love romantic suspense and Christian mysteries, then Off the Map by JL Crosswhite is the read for you.



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