Monday, April 5, 2021

Review: Six - GS Locke


Review: Six - GS Locke - March 2021

Twenty-five years ago, Jon Shaw and his friends took a drug dealer down to the riverbank and Jon watched his friend Danny stab her and then Jon pushed both of them into the river and fled the scene. Twenty-Five years later, Jon Shaw is a criminal defense lawyer and spends his life dedicated to helping the underdogs. This was his way of moving past the guilt he felt and experienced that night.  The story starts with Jon in a bar with his co-workers when he catches the eye of someone from his past - Danny Hallman. Danny has just been released from prison three weeks ago after serving twenty-five years. Danny has some news for Jon - two of their friends Kenny and Mark have been murdered. Jon doesn't believe it is connected, but Danny is convinced that someone from their past is cleaning the house and getting revenge on all of those who were there that night. The book flicks from past/present as Jon and Danny aim to track down the rest of their crew but what will happen when six black feathers appear on Jon's doorstep and four are snapped and all that leaves Danny and Jon. Can they find out who is killing them and exacting revenge and why now? Often I find it hard to read Brit Lit as it is too slow-paced for my liking, however, Six though in parts it did follow the slow-pace that British novels are famous for - it did keep my attention and trying to guess who was wanting revenge on them all.


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