VBT# Never Coming Home - Hannah Mary McKinnon

Never Coming Home

Review: Never Coming Home - Hannah Mary McKinnon - May 2022

I was excited to read this as I had read her book You Will Remember Me and absolutely loved it but then her book Sister Dear was a miss for me.  This one though was good until it got a bit weird and slow-paced and felt messy for me. In this book, we met Lucas Forrester whose mother-in-law Nora is dying of cancer and it has been a rocky road for the family as not only did Nora's husband Gideon die in a tragic accident, her daughter Michelle - Lucas's wife was kidnapped and they are still waiting to hear whether she is dead or alive, meanwhile, Michelle's brother Travis wastes away on either drugs or alcohol or both.  Lucas plays the doting husband and son-in-law but we know the truth as we learn that Lucas hired a hitman to kill his wife leaving him with the opportunity to inherit her money and now with Nora dying - he can also get his hands on her money that she has left Michelle. Things are working out great for Lucas, that is until he starts to receive photographs in the mail with the words "I know what You Did" How can anyone know what he did when he worked out the plan to perfection? Where did he slip up? If this wasn't bad enough, a figure from Lucas's past in England back when he was somebody else has turned up in America and knows all the ins and outs about Lucas's life now and the cozy set-up and wants 1 million dollars or else Lucas and his dad are dead meat.  This book does leave you with a twisted shocking ending that surprised me with all the secrets and lies and conspiracies unraveled.  I have to admit, overall, it was a good read and for thriller fans - one of the craziest endings that just blew me away. If you are looking for a new thriller author to discover, then check out Hannah Mary McKinnon and add her to your to-read list.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3l5AjxV


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