Monday, October 18, 2010

Draculas - A 4 Co-Authored Piece

With the rise of Vampires in Teen Novels , they are starting to lose their scariness and be replaced by Vampire Hunks - like Bill , Eric, Edward, Lucuis, Damon and Stefan etc. They are also being turned away to drinking solicited human blood or even going vegan which insists of drinking animal blood.
This collection of authors decided to re-claim what has disintergrated over the years - the Vampires that we can remember along the lines of Interview with a Vampire, Underworld and Lost Boys.

DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror)

Review : Draculas - Crouch, Kilborn, Strand , Wilson - A Novel- October 19th 2010

Having contacts within the realms of authors is a fine thing to build up as you get alot of awesome books to review, that you might never have come across and sometimes if you are lucky you get to read books before they go on sale to the public.
Are you a Vampire fan ? and I mean a TRUE Vampire fan , not one who is into the boys who sparkle or the vampires that are all good and want to fit into society and mingle with the natives and pretend as closely as they can to be human or those who prefer what they call vegetarian diets by drinking animal blood rather than human blood or even those vampires who are seen as hot and hunky guys not the scary fang-teeth and blood sucking vampires. Think back , how long has it been since we have seen a Vampire movie that depicted Vampires to be the cold and cruel supernatural that they are ?.
These 4 authors decided that they had enough of the modern Hollywood version of a Vampire and so they all sat down to contribute to a new book project called Draculas .
Draculas for all those wondering is not a collection of 4 short stories but is in fact a complete novel where each writer has completed their own chapters and threaded them together to create a story for our enjoyment.
Draculas is set in a small backwoods town in America and the story starts when a skull was found in Transylvania and the skull supposed to be of a vampire , millionaire Mortimer is near his death bed and is looking for a cure to his ailments so he decides to purchase the skull as of course everything has a price. Unfortunatley this skull tends to have powers as Mortimer after playing with it finds himself bitten and transported to hospital, there of course he starts to turn into a hideous blood sucking monster.
From the 2nd or 3rd chapter , the story picks up into a frenzy place as the hospital turns into a bloodbath and everyone who comes in contact with the Vampire finds themselves turning into Vampires. Soon the whole town is breaking out into Vampires and killing off the human race.
Can Jenny, Shana and the Deputy save the town from the Vampires or will it be too late and the town's civilisation as we know it be all over and over-run with Vampires.
This is one outbreak that if they cannot contain then it is the end of all civilisation as we know it.

Extra's Included :

- a clickable table of contents

- a round-robin interview with Strand, Wilson, Crouch, and Kilborn about writing DRACULAS

- deleted scenes

- two alternate endings

- four excerpts from the authors’ other works

- the short story “Serial” by Crouch and Kilborn

- the short story “Cub Scout Gore Feast” by Kilborn and Strand

- the short story “A Sound of Blunder” by Kilborn and Wilson

- author biographies

- comprehensive clickable bibliographies

- an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the writing of DRACULAS, delivered through a collection of over seven hundred emails between the writers as they were brainstorming and writing the book

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