VBT# Eternal Mixture - Shevaun Delucia


Review: External Mixture - Shevaun Delucia -November 2013

Reading External Mixture was nice for a change as I have found myself reading ALOT of New Adult books lately and it was great to sit back and read a Teen Fantasy novel. External Mixture takes us back to high school where newcomer Brent is causing a bit of an uprise as the new school hunk. Seems though that Brent has only eyes for one girl in particular Raina. Raina isn't used to all this attention as she is the plain Jane, the girl who likes to study but Brent's involvement in her life is about to stir up many unanswered questions including the biggest one - Who or What is she ? Turns out that Raina is in fact not exactly human - she was a long time ago but is now an immortal who is born into a new life every so often and it seems that Brent is her love partner throughout the ages.  Life is about to get a whole lot more stressful for Raina as she discovers that someone else around her isn't being entirely truthful and if she isn't careful it could result in the death of one of her close friends at school. Can Raina not only save those around her from being hurt but also manage to still keep up her GPA and grades at school without people being arisen from suspicion ?
Find out in this Teen Fantasy book which in a way reminds me of the classic novel "Tuck Everlasting". - External Mixture.

Question for Readers : Would you drink "The External Mixture" to stay young and immortal forever ?



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