Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: Breaking Away - Toni Aleo


Review: Breaking Away - Nashville Assassins #5 - Toni Aleo - June 2014

#Though this Book is No.5 in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone as each one features a different character's relationship.

When Philip was 18 , his sister passed away and left Philip as the guardian for her daughter Claire. Philip at this stage was still a kid and his career as an Ice Hockey Star was beginning and also everyone said Claire was better off without him. So he left thinking he was doing the right thing, now a few years later Claire is a sullen teenager and back in Philip's care but can he prove to Claire that this time he won't let her go and disappoint her.  Reese is a dancer who owns her own dance studio and her two sisters twin Piper and older sister Harper are married to two of Philip's Ice Hockey teammates. Reese is the type of girl who is insecure on the inside but free-spirited on the outside, after being in a bad situation and relationship in New York, she left and came back home to Nashville where she gets her release by sleeping with random guys. This is until she meets Philip , he likes her but knows she doesn't do relationships -so he will get what he can , but what happens when Reese starts to question her feelings towards him. Will she let him in or will her guard stay firmly up ? Things though get a little bit more complicated as it is discovered that Philip's niece Claire is an amazing and talented dancer and starts to dance under Reese and of course Claire starts to open up and warm to Reese, something she hasn't done with anyone since her mother's death. Reese and Philip , don't want to hurt Claire as they both love her as if she was their own.  Can they keep their relationship a secret or will it turn out to be true love and therefore everyone recieve a happy ending ?
Find out in Breaking Away by Toni Aleo. This is the perfect read for all those Ice Hockey Fans out there.


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