Friday, October 31, 2014

Review : Love Bats Last - Pamela Aares

Review: Love Bats Last - Book #1 Tavonesi Series - Pamela Aares - November 2013

Do you prefer your sportsmen in those tight little white pants ? Are you more a baseball girl than football/ Rugby ? Love Bats Last is the first book in Pamela Aares series "Tavonesi" and mixes Sports, Romance and Marine life within it's pages.  Love Bats Last starts with Alex discovering Jackie Brandon in a small dinghy along the riverbed down from his vineyard and notices something about her that he likes. Alex doesn't want one of those society girls or those baseball hanger-on's. After inheriting his father's vineyard , he spends alot of his time between the vineyard and his love of baseball.  Jackie Brandon has vowed never to date ot fall in love with another sports player and has vowed to keep her "title" under wraps as Jackie comes from London aristocracy. Eager to get to know Jackie better , Alex volunteers his time at the Marine Center. Someone is poisoning the waterways and killing the seals and Jackie is getting closer to capturing and finding out the truth, but what will happen when she is kidnapped first and is silenced ? Will Alex discover the truth about what has been happening down the road from him before it's too late and he has lost his chance of love with Jackie ? Of course romance never dies, and we are all for big displays of feelings and Alex does not disappoint as he does an amazing gesture to win Jackie's love.

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