Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VBT# Unethical - Jennifer Blackwood

As a fan of New Adult novels, I have read many and some are alright, other's are good and then you get the one's that fall into the category of awesome reads and Unethical by Jennifer Blackwood is one of those. At first , many may think that this book is another one of those college students/professor romances due to the title of Unethical. However, this is not one of those novels. The title is taken from the main college class in the book "Intro to Medical Ethics 101'. Two years ago , Payton Cooper had a loving family and boyfriend and then tragedy struck and tipped her family upside down and tore them apart. Her father Dr. Evan Cooper ended up in jail and she ran away from her boyfriend to start a new life at Drexler University studying Pre-Med using her mother's maiden name as her own. Payton Cooper became Payton Daniels - a clean slate where no-one knew her past. That is until she takes Medical Ethics and it seems her father is the class example of "What not to aspire too" and Blake - her ex-boyfriend also happens to be in the class. How long can Payton keep up appearances ? Has fate given her another chance at love with Blake ? Can Blake help Payton to move forth and forgive her father ? What will happen though when her past is revealed to the medical board ? Will she lose her chance at becoming a Doctor and a Medical Student because of the choice her parents made without her ?
Find out in this awesome book , that everyone should add to their to-read list "Unethical" by Jennifer Blackwood.


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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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