VBT# Unforgivably Broken - Megan Abel


Review: Unforgivably Broken - Book #2 The Broken Series - Maegan Abel - TBC 2014

This book it wasn't till I really got stuck into it and I was hooked , I realised that I loved it and when it finished I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO !!! You can't finish the book there, so for those who don't mind major cliffhangers, then this book defintiely does have that and I am so hoping that she will write a Book #3 and give those fans like myself closure or at least a sense of recovery from the ending of Unforgivably Broken. At the beginning of this book is the prologue which you will read again in the second to last chapter of the book in more context but the story really starts with Lili and Zane's crazy relationship where Zane was nearly killed. They are sitting in the lounge of their flat , when a news report comes up about an Olympic gymnast being allegated against rape and the picture of a gymnast who has killed herself. After this pops a picture of a gymnast named Kaylee who disappeared five years ago.  The picture of Kaylee looks a whole lot like Lili and it turns out that Lili ran away five years ago after she was raped by a fellow gymnast and disappeared from her previous life. Now five years later, with the trial appearing her past has come back in a flood and she must now face those she has spent so many years running and hiding from.  Zane and Lili have finally got a good thing going until his ex-wife Lizzie turns up and announces she is pregnant and Zane is the father. Can Zane and Lili work out their issues as they are both as broken as each other or will the pressures of the trial and Lizzie back in Zane's life push Lili over the edge and crack the shell she has tried so hard to build ?
This was a pretty awesome story and a quite intense read that captured the reader's attention and as I said before OMFG - the last chapter aaahhhh. This makes me have my fingers crossed , that the author is writing a Book #3.



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