Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: Dare to Love - Carly Phillips

Review: Dare to Love - Book #1 Dare To Series - Carly Phillips - January 2014

The Dare family is a complicated one as we learn that when Ian and his siblings were younger and their father was supposed to be "travelling" for work, he in fact had another family out there who he spent time with and then eventually left Ian's mother for that family. As the oldest son of the first marriage , Ian has always resented his father and his new family and especially Alex - who is only a few years younger than Ian and is the oldest boy in the "other family". The thing is that these two are not only rivals in terms of family, but also sports teams as they play arch-enemies. All this though may change, when Ian meets Riley Taylor who is Alex's best friend and the girl Ian fancies and whom we discover may be the very one to not only put Ian in his spot but also be the catalyst in joining the two families siblings together once and for all. Dare to Love was a fast paced read that was not only filled with Family Dramas but also Romance , Sex and Love. This book also held a bit of suspense as we discover that Riley's past isn't exactly sweet as pie as her father comes back into the picture when photos of Ian and Riley start to surface in the tabloids.  Can Riley teach Ian how to Love and not be in Control all the time and Can Ian teach Riley to open up and trust others and that she doesn't always need to be independent and that Alex and he are there to help her .
Find out all this and more in the start of a series that combines Sports and Romance - "Dare to Love' by Carly Phillips.

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