Friday, October 31, 2014

VBT# Chasing Luck - Brinda Berry


Review: Chasing Luck - Book #1 Serendipity Series - Brinda Berry - May 2014

Malerie is a survivor, no matter what anyone says though she doesn't feel lucky and she has always wondered whether she should have survived that day when she was seven years old. The day she went to work with her mother and the building was bombed , killing everyone but her. The next chapter fast-forwards to her present day life and she is about to celebrate her birthday with her Uncle who gained guardianship of her when her mother passed away. At the table he presents her with a gift and also at the same time , Malerie meets Ace who is hoping to become a business client with her Uncle. Then tragedy hits again with a shoot out in the resturant , which again leaves her a survivor. When Malerie arrives back home , she discovers that the four boxes she has been given on her birthday each have a date inscribed on them. They are the dates of significant events in Malerie's life, ones that has had her coming out as a survivor. With the help of Ace, can Malerie track down the creator of the boxes as she believes that they hold the keys to her future ? What happens though, when it seems that someone is out to end her life and those around her are being hurt or dying ? Is Malerie just lucky or is there a reason she is still alive ?
This was a fast-paced book, that held my attention and when Malerie and Ace went on their journey to San Francisco , it made me want to keep reading to discover what truths the boxes held if any.
 I am looking forward to reading more by this author in her "Serendipity Series".


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  1. Thank you very much for the review! I appreciate reviewers so much :)


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