Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VBT# Her Perfect Game - Shannyn Schroeder

Review: Her Perfect Game - Book #2 Hot and Nerdy Series - Shannyn Schroeder - October 2014

First off , I loved this book. It is so awesome to see that nerdy and geeky girls and guys are coming back in fashion. It's sayonara plastic and hello guys and girls with a brain. This would have to be one of my favourite reads so far for 2014 as well. It takes place not only at a HackCon but also has the theme of RPG throughout the book. In Her Perfect Game we meet Charlie who plays as Laura Nim on this online role-playing game, on this game Charlie can be anyone she wants and she has the perfect playing opponent as well - Win. What she doesn't realise though is that Win happens to be Jonah Best , a guy she was in head over heels love with three years ago and broke her heart , a guy who taught her everything she knows about computers and hacking. What will happen though when Charlie enters the convention hoping to win the prize money and only to discover that one of the convention facilitators is Jonah. Will this put Charlie off her game ? Or will Charlie discover that sometimes life can throw us curveballs and that the "perfect game" can often be hiding in plain sight waiting for you to close in and make your mark. If you love New Adult Romance, Conventions and Gaming , then this is the perfect read for you.


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