Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VBT# Variables of Love - MK Schiller

Review: Variables of Love - MK Schiller - September 2014

Firstly, I want to say how much I loved the cover and the inside pages of this book and also at the start of each chapter with the person whose POV it was - the name in the loveheart was a great touch and a very innovative and creative idea.  Secondly, this book is another one to prove that hot and sexy love novels are out and geeky love is in as Variables of Love stars two young adults in a Statistics class - one is an Economics Major and the other is a Maths Major. I loved this book as it brought together the geekiness and romance of two people who believe they aren't good enough but don't realise how amazing they both are. It also shows readers that love , no matter how amazing it is - it's not always a perfect and easy ride , that there is bound to be obstacles and giant ones at that along the way. Nobody said that true love was ever going to be easy.  The main characters are Meena - an indian girl who has planned her future to include an arranged marriage , Ethan whose parents are divorced and is mother is the famous Dr. Love , Raj - an Indian boy who is in fact gay but scared to come out of the closet as it is viewed as a terrible thing in the indian culture , Rachel whose father is a pastor of a church and Alex who is jewish. What will happen when these groups of people fall in love with each other, but know deep down that it's never going to last because of all the factors and differences involved ? Can they live in the present or will they push to make it a forever instead of a just now ?
If you are looking for a Geeky Romantic New Adult , then this is the book for you as you will love it as much as I did. Not only was it an amazing story, but the pages and book layout was ah-mazing and so totally awesome.


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