Friday, October 31, 2014

Review: NYPD Red - James Patterson

Review: NYPD Red - Book #1 NYPD Red Series - James Patterson and Marshall Karp - October 2012

Forget about the regular NYPD cops , it's all about the elite team called NYPD Red . These are the type of cops who are called together to protect the rich and famous people, those in the "industry". Forget about the scripts that are supposed to be filmed as this week celebrates the start of the Hollywood on Hudson month , someone is determined to be the script writer and direct his own movie. Known as "The Chameleon" we meet Gabe - a film extra who has the art and the skill to gain disguises and go unrecognisable , sick of being a nobody and wanting his fifteen minutes of fame. Gabe has taken film directing to a new level by actually playing out the murders. On the case is Detective Zach and his new partner Kylie , though these two have a romantic past which abruptly ended when Kylie married someone and he happens to be in the screen business as well. Can this duo put aside their personal views and differences to work together and catch this film-making criminal before more Hollywood big names are killed and the NYPD Red is put under scrutiny as they are supposed to be the "protectors" ?
This is Marshall Karp's second co-written book with James Patterson. If you love Hollywood and Mystery , then what are you waiting for and discover James Patterson's new series NYPD Red.

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