Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Found - Harlan Coben

Review: Found - Book #3 Mickey Bolitar Series - Harlan Coben - September 2014

For the past eight months , Mickey Bolitar had to start life over without his mother or his father as his father died in a car crash and his mother ended up in rehab. Starting fresh and living with his Uncle Myron -Mickey made fast friends with a couple of outcasts named Ema and Spoon along with Rachel (the new addition to their group). This group of misfits became part of the Abeona Shelter - a group that helps rescue missing children. Over the past eight months, it has seen them run for their lives and get hurt over and over again but this only strengthens their friendship bonds. It is discovered that maybe Mickey's father might be alive and that he didn't die in the car crash eight months ago , what happens when evidence resurfaces that could point to this truth ? Ema's online friend "Jared" has vanished and she needs Mickey and Spoon to help her track him down , but what will happen when it is discovered that this is bigger than just a missing person and will open a big can of worms in a lot of people's lives ?  As I am a huge fan of Myron Bolitar's when I discovered his nephew's series - I knew I had to read them and I have been enjoying them and with each book -the storyline intensifies as the truth comes a little closer to the surface , moving slightly higher with each book.

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