Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Asking for It - Lilah Pace

Review: Asking For It - Lilah Pace - June 2015

Have you ever had something terrible happen to you , that was out of your control ? Something that lead you to have a fantasy about that action years later, no matter how much the actual situation destroyed and damaged your life ? From author Lilah Pace comes a New Adult Erotica in which the main characters have Rape fantasies. Each have experienced the situation of Rape - one way or another. For Vivienne , when she was thirteen she was raped by her older sister Chloe's boyfriend whom as we discover later on in the book is the reason she fell out of touch with her family as he is now her sister's husband and the father of her niece whom she adores. For Professor Jonah Marks , he first witnessed his mother being raped when he was younger by his stepfather and being forced to watch has developed to what he is today. Vivi's sexual fantasy is that she dreams of being raped in all scenarios and Jonah's is that he dreams of being the rapist. When these two meet, it seems like their problems are solved as they each satisfy the others needs sexually and emotionally as well as physically of course. What happens though when the lines start to blur and these two start to develop the feelings of love which neither of them believed that they could possess ? Normally I am not keen on reading this type of novel as it shows Rape in a way that both parties asked for it and that for them they like it which in my book is not a subject that she should be toyed or played with as a sexual fantasy. However the way that Lilah Pace tackled the subject and the writing style made this book easy to read and one that lingers in your thinking and was enjoyable nonetheless.


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