Friday, April 24, 2015

VBT# Dance for Me - J.C Valentine

Review: Dance For Me - Book #1 Forbidden Trilogy - JC Valentine - April 2015

Working off to pay her tuition Jo Hart works as a stripper and does the occasional private dance , but for one customer she goes the extra mile each week and in a dark room , they go at it like bunnies and get into some hot and heavy roleplay. She has only heard his voice and seen him in a semi-light. The next scene switches over to her and she is running late to class, she arrives and then her professor turns around and their eyes met and they are both stunned as he is her client from the club - this part of the story reminded me a little bit of the Ezra Fitz and Aria Montgomery meeting in the Pretty Little Liars series where they hook up in the club and the next day, she is sitting in class waiting for their new English teacher which turns out to be none other than Mr. Ezra Fitz. As the story progresses along , we read as her two lives still continue in and out of the club and the relationship with the teacher continues even when he brings another date to the club for some wholesome action and viewing.  What will happen though when Jo gets the shock and readers get the twist of a lifetime as we read the last chapter and new characters are revealed as well as answers that make readers understand the male characters personality throughout the novel. 
If you love erotic romance , teacher/student relationships and stripping , then the Forbidden Trilogy is the series for you. I will finish though on the note that this book ends in a cliffhanger, so if you are not one for those type of endings - it may to hold till the rest of the trilogy is published before reading the book.


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