Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Clearer in the Night - Rebecca Croteau


Review: Clearer in the Night - Rebecca Croteau - May 2015

Every now and again you come across a book that is a bit odd to read and you wonder what you are reading and what is going on in between the pages. For me that was Clearer in the Night. The book from the outside looks just like your ordinary New Adult romance , but within the pages tells a different story and a different genre that what I was expecting. At first we learn that Cait's sister and dad died when she was younger and I assumed it was to be another New Adult tragic story and that she was a high risk as her friend Shan was always watching over her and keeping her out of trouble. Then the book got weird pretty quickly, when she kissed a guy and could hear his thoughts. At this stage I thought Ok, she has an ability and started to wonder if since she seemed to like sex alot was about to discover she might be a succubus but then the scene changed and she was running for her life from a creature. Turns out that Cait is in fact a werewolf and she has just developed the changing and transformation and it's time for her to be put down by Eli. So we have Eli who is a supernatural hunter and Wes - whom I assumed was also a werewolf.  The majority of this book is a love triangle and learning developments between Eli, Wes and Cait. Then near the end of this book - the sister whom she thought had died was really alive all this time and Cait learns about the truth of her Dad and sister's disappearance and why they have been hiding all this time. Turns out the Wolf gene is genetic and one of the sisters were bound to inherit it.  Later we also discover that Wes has a dark evil side which gets him kicked to the bottom of my list of nice guys and that his relationship and connection to Cait goes deeper into her family than she realised. This book is good if you love Supernatural novels and also if you are wanting a book that you can sit and digest and this is perfect if you have enough time on your hands to savour each page as it does take a lot for your head to get around and understand as well as connect the dots.


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