Friday, April 24, 2015

VBT# Blue Streak - Jules Barnard

Review: Blue Streak - Blue Series ( Novella) - Jules Barnard - April 2015

Remember those stories when there is a girl who is head over heels with her best friend who is a male and he is the type of guy to sleep around and not be in "relationships" , the type that is often commitment phobe until he realises that he is really in love with her as well and then they tend to live HEA for now anyway, Blue Streak by Jules Barnard is one of those books and due to being a novella it is a quick read for those short spanned reading bursts throughout your day. For as long as she can remember Nessa has been in love with Zach and she is used to him having a different girl each week, but she has finally reached her limit and is ready to snap and move on as if she can't be with him, then really why bother ? The thing is though that Zach has a dark secret , when he was younger he started having an affair with his mother's best friend and now circumstances about his mum's death have come to light and it seems that the woman he has been having an affair with might be involved. Can Zach finally free himself from Alexis and open himself up to Nessa ? Is this their time to fianlly get their HEA ?
Find out in Blue Streak by Jules Barnard :)


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