Review: A Monster Was Born to Us - Red Carma

A Monster Was Born To Us

Review: A Monster Was Born to Us - Red Carma - March 2015

When I first heard about this book, I had in mind that possibly a child had been born a serial killer but what lay written in the pages ahead of me was a story that would leave your brain thinking OMG what am I reading and how did that happen ? This was definitely one of those weird mindbeinding stories. The story starts with Dr. Mary Katherine McHale who works in an old people's home and is a widow. We learn that she has dark desires of killing through her dreams and that she has something down in her basement that makes growly noises , we start to wonder is she keeping a person down there or an animal ? Over the course of the book we also read as a few of the patients pass away and discover that they were euthanised by Dr. McHale as she has dreamed about their killing. This starts readers wondering whether she is the psychopath monster with the identity of a sweet little old lady who has been a nurse most of her life. In the second half of the novel, she leaves her job and opens her home up to senior care and has a few clients, one of them in particular - a grumpy man seems to be on the list for nearly getting killed.  During this part , we start to wonder if the good ol' Doctor is manic bipolar with dark personality disorders and then slowly the dark hidden truth of the "Monster Born to Us" comes into light which we learn is a story that spans thirty years and it will tie in with what's hidden deep in the basement.
If you are wanting a dark suspense story with a psychological twist to it , then check out A Monster was Born to Us by Red Carma .



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