Friday, April 24, 2015

VBT# The Consequences of Loving Colton - Rachel Van Dyken


Review: The Consequence of Loving Colton - Book #1 Consequences - Rachel Van Dyken - April 2015

Growing up Milo was close and best friends with Colton who was also best friends with her older brother Jason , the three of them were inseparable and as Milo got older she started to fall in love with Colton. Her world shattered the night of her high school graduation party when Colton used the words "she's like my sister" . Milo's heart broke in half that night and she left and went off to college , avoiding coming home when she knew Colton would be around as she couldn't stand to be around him. Four years pass and her older brother is getting married in the weekend , so Milo has come home to help with the wedding preparations. This week though will be mayhem and chaos as we discover Milo isn't exactly graceful and her family are really out there and definitely say what they mean. Milo and her family were one of my favourite parts of this book , I read it and was like OMG I want a family like this. During this book , we have a few storylines. The main one being the relationship and the lead up between Colton and Milo whose ending will surprise you as I did not see the story ending on these terms and scene. We have Jason and Jayne who are getting married this weekend but as the week unravels , readers discover that Jayne may not be who she says she is as true colours are revealed. We have Max who is Milo's college best friend - he pretends to be her boyfriend and a bit more during this week , so she can make Colton jealous. Near the end of the book, we meet Max's older brother Reid who was Jayne's ex-boyfriend and of course Grandma who reminded me of Grandma Mazur from Stephanie Plum novels and Milo's parents reminded me of the parents on the film Easy A ( Emma Stone character's parents).
So , readers if you want a fun and crazy ride of a New Adult Romance to read , then The Consequence of Loving Colton will quench your thirst and keep you satisfied


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