Tuesday, April 28, 2015

VBT# The Phoenix Campaign - Heidi Joy Trethaway

Review: The Phoenix Campaign - Book #2 Grace Colton Series - Heidi Joy Tretheway - April 2015

After the little photo scandal that the Darrows concocted , Grace Colton is back on top and running alongside Shep on the presidency campaign with her behind the scenes boyfriend Jared as her campaign manager.  What will happen though when Grace discovers that her whole political aspirations may very well be flushed down the toilet when she discovers that she is pregnant with Jared's baby.  This could be the worse time for her to get pregnant, right in the middle of a campaign she has spent the last seven years building up to and having everyone rely on her and having a baby when she doesn't even know if Jared wants a family or the commitment.  It seems though that this campaign, will push everyone to their limit when family secrets are leaked , people are pushed and prodded to their limits and all those skeletons that everyone had thought were locked away tight in their closets have been unleashed. In The Phoenix Campaign race , it really is every man and woman for themselves as only one set can be chosen to rule. As far as Politics come , when reading about them you don't want the book to be boring and Heidi Joy Trethaway's series is anything but . So readers, if you love contemporary romances , politics and a bit of grit and getting down and dirty then Heidi Joy Trethaway's series "The Phoenix Campaign" is for you.


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