Thursday, April 23, 2015

VBT# The Truth about Jack - Jody Gehrman

Review: The Truth about Jack - Jody Gehrman - April 2015

All Dakota has wanted was to get into the Rhode Island Art School and join her friend who is at Brown and her boyfriend whom is currently at Rhodes , but what will happen when the day she gets her acceptance letter - she also gets an email from her best friend to say that she and Dakota's boyfriend are now dating . Dakota is really hurt and feels betrayed, considering that her boyfriend didn't even have the decency to break up with her first or give her the heads up. During this time , Dakota thinks that maybe she should take a gap year to Barcelona and at the beach decides to put a message in a bottle.  
Jack is off to Julliard when the new school year starts, but at the moment he is busy hanging around home as he has been homeschooled the past few years , when he spots Dakota. He feels that he must get to know her and there is something magnetic about her that drives him wanting more. When he picks up the bottle she chucked into the ocean , he decides to pretend to be a Spanish guy called Alejandro and begins writing to her . Soon enough Jack as Alejandro starts to fall in love with Dakota and vice versa , but what will happen when the real Jack meets Dakota and they start to have fun and she finds her heart torn between Jack and Alejandro ? What will happen though when she discovers the truth about Jack and after feeling betrayed already by her friend and ex-boyfriend - will she be able to forgive Jack and move on or will this push Dakota over the edge and Jack will instead lose her forever ?
Find out in this teen romance story with a Cyrano take on it , The Truth about Jack by Jody Gehrman.


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