Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: Good Me , Bad Me - Ali Land

Good Me, Bad Me

Review: Good Me, Bad Me - Ali Land - January 2017

Lately, I have been back on my mystery and thriller kick and loving it as I went through a rash of them where they were just boring, and I couldn't get into them at all. The last few I have read in this genre have been amazing. Today's read was Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land. What originally drew me to this book was the shiny gold cover, and then the blurb as we discover Annie aka Milly's mother is a serial killer and on trial.  Annie's mother was a pillar of the community; she helped abusive women escape their husbands while working for Women's Refuge. Annie's mother though had a dark side, she was a child predator, and her victim was little boys and the odd girl. When her mom's latest victim is someone she is close too, Annie dobs her mother into the police. A domino effect happens, and soon Annie's mother is on trial for murder, Annie is now known as Milly and living with her therapist Mike and his family while the trial continues.  During the book, we read as Milly struggles to separate her lives from before and present and that often her mother's voice is heard in her head. Can Milly prove that just because her mother was a killer, she isn't or will the truth unfold that deep within her Milly is in fact like her mother and has killer instincts? As the title suggests during Ali Land's book, the reader will see two sides of Annie/Milly. The Good side as Milly and the Bad Side as Annie.  I have to admit that after reading this book it did get me thinking about serial killers and how that their sociopathic behaviors can make them charming and viewed as leaders of society but underneath it, all their true colours shine. If you are looking for a good serial killer novel which shows the impact on the children of the killers, then check out Ali Land's book "Good Me, Bad Me".


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