Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: Twisted - Hannah Jayne


Review: Twisted - Hannah Jayne - July 2016

When Beth was seven, her father was accused of murder and became known as "the Wife Collector" as he murdered potential mothers for his daughter and then cut off their ring fingers. Before he could be found guilty of the crimes, he escaped and went into hiding. Beth's dad had always claimed that he was innocent and had been set up by someone with the means and opportunity. Years later Beth is now a teenager and has finally found a great home in Kill Devil Hills. She has also scrubbed her past clean and changed her name to Bec Andrews. No longer will she be associated with her dad's crimes, she can start fresh with her new foster family who loves and cares for her. Things start to settle well until tragedy strikes, and a girl is found murdered. Strange things start occurring, and Bec wonders if her dad has resurfaced especially when clues and items from her past start to show up around town. When detectives from Bec's past show up, will she help them lure her father out or does she want the past to stay in the past? I enjoyed this read as I love serial killer type novels especially when it involves family members and the repercussions. The one part that I had hoped for in Twisted was that they had gone deeper into finding out the truth about what happened to Bec's mother as she had minor flashbacks but it was left open-ended to whether she had been murdered by her husband - Bec's father or not.  If you love your mysteries and thrillers, then check out Twisted by Hannah Jayne as you will not be disappointed. I also have to admit I did smile when I read the town this book was based in - Kill Devil Hills as I have read a series prior with the same name which surrounded the small beach town.

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