VBT# Fanning the Flames - Chris Cannnon

Fanning The Flames (Going Down in Flames, #4)

Review: Fanning the Flames - Book #4 Going Down in Flames Series - Chris Cannon - March 2017

When I saw that Chris Cannon had a new Dragon book out, I was so excited as I couldn't wait to get back into the adventures, trials, and tribulations that Bryn and her group of friends go through. For those who have read the previous books, you will remember how Bryn and her Knight Valmont found the hidden tunnels and retrieved items made for them. In the start of this book, the Directorate are asking for volunteers of Dragons and humans to be their knights to see what else is hidden. This proves to be dangerous as it seems that some of the Directorate mainly Ferrin are blaming hybrids and throwbacks for the disruptiveness in their dragon kingdom. In Fanning the Flames, we read as Bryn is becoming more accepted by her grandparents and the other dragons. The thing though is that Bryn will have to make some serious decisions in Fanning in the Flames which will leave readers feeling emotions of happiness but also sadness. One of the parts of this book needs tissues for the readers as I was like nooooo and I could feel my eyes filling up with tears as I read that particular chapter near the end. It was like I know it has to be done, but does it have to hurt as much. I have to admit, after reading this book if you have been following the series you do see Bryn grow throughout the book and make some tough choices. I was glad for the cliffhanger ending of Book #4 and now hoping for Book #5 and that it will feature more of the surprise that Onyx gave her. 


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