Monday, March 20, 2017

Review: To Catch a Killer - Sheryl Scarborough

To Catch a Killer

Review : To Catch a Killer - Sheryl Scarborough - February 2017

Erin Blake's name is famous in the way where when people hear it especially the police; they are transported back to the murder that rocked the small town where a mother was killed, and her toddler was left with the dead body for three days before discovery. Nobody knew who killed her mother and why Erin was left unharmed. Erin went on to live with her mom's best friend Rachel, and for the next fourteen years, she was unharmed. During her time with Rachel, Erin found a love for crime and forensics and helped with her two best friends to start a side PI Business called Cheaters Anonymous. At her high school, Erin had a favorite teacher who was currently helping her test DNA and evidently discovers who her father is. When Erin's teacher shows up dead, and Erin discovers the body, she is hauled down to the police station, and from then her past will be dredged up including her mother's murder. Erin wasn't alone that night at her teacher's house as her biology teacher was helping another student with a DNA project - Journey Michaels.  To Catch a Killer moves along fast at first with Erin and Journey being the two main suspects but hits a slow patch when the pair alongside Erin's friends decide to solve the murder themselves. In doing so though, will they be able to solve the cold case of who killed Erin's mother and who is Erin's father? I have to admit that I was a little disappointed at the way the last two questions were touched on in To Catch a Killer as I was hoping for a bit more information rather than the novel focusing on the current murder of the Biology teacher which was clearly connected.  Also, the way the police system was viewed in To Catch a Killer makes me hope that some of the stations and police aren't as clouded in judgment and views and that these days they look outside of the box for suspects as not all cases are clear-cut and black and white. Overall though if you are looking for a good YA suspense with teen detectives like Nancy Drew or Veronica Mars, then Erin Blake is your girl.


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