Monday, March 20, 2017

VBT# Operation Prom Date - Cindi Masden

Operation Prom Date (Tactics in Flirting, #1)

Review: Operation Prom Date - Book #1 Tactics in Flirting Series - Cindi Masden - March 2017

With Prom finally coming up and her Senior Year ahead of her, Kate decides that this is her last chance to snag Mick - the star quarterback. Of course, Kate isn't one of the popular cheerleading girls. Operation Prom Date was one of those teen books that we see so often in the movies where the geek type girl or in Kate's case the girl who loves shows like Vampire Diaries and Arrow, so much she named her pet after Klaus. This reminded me of when I was five and was a big fan of The Little Mermaid and named my fish Flounder and cat Ariel. The other thing I loved about Kate was that she talked my talk with Shipping favorite stars and I loved the Arrow references as I am such an Oliver Queen girl. The thing is Kate doesn't know how to flirt or get Mick's attention in the way she needs and is running out of time. Enter Cooper Callahan. Cooper and Kate used to be friends along with Amber before popularity and cliques came into play. Now Cooper is out of a rowing partner to train with, and he knows Kate can row, so the pair strikes up a deal to help benefit each other as Mick rows too. Again total cliched moment as we know what to expect with Kate finally getting her man but is he the man that Kate expected or will she realize that her OTP is with someone else? Someone who she can be her complete self with and accepts her for who she is, not who she has become and someone who won't put pressures on Kate but wait till she is ready to move forward with the big stuff? For me, Operation Prom Date helped me relive all my favorite romantic comedy films like She's All That and Mean Girls.
Find out in this cutesy YA read aimed at 14-18yrs "Operation Prom Date" by Cindi Masden.

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