Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review: Kacey Monroe - Bradon Nave

Kacey Monroe (Before We Fractured Book 2)

Review: Kacey Monroe - Book #2 Before We Fractured Series - Bradon Nave - May 2016

I had previously read three books by this author and enjoyed the first one in this series Jessie Kasper. It ended on a major cliffhanger, and I was like NOOOOO !! as I am so not one for cliffhanger endings. I finally got around to reading Book #2 and have to say that I wasn't feeling Kacey Monroe as much as I had the previous books and it left me a little disappointed. Kacey Monroe picks up where Jessie Kasper finished and is told from the viewpoint of Kacey. For those who had read the previous book, it ended with a rape scene. Jessie discovers what's happening and the pair is soon on the run. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like, not to be on the run but to just up and leave and disappear from my current life. The pair goes along their way and finds help with Avery. Of course, this ends up being a curse in the disguise of a blessing. I have to admit I found the character of Kacey to be annoying in this book and Jessie was literally like a big baby. It was like - we get it, you think you are a murderer, but hello, seriously you don't need to act guilty all the time and drag everyone around you down. I have to admit if you love twists and turns and OMG spots in books then when you discover the skeletons hiding in Avery's closest you will be on the edge of your seat.  I am interested in seeing what will happen next as it did leave the book open-ended with a possible Avery story or even Duke and his girlfriend. 


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