Friday, March 10, 2017

VBT# Rose Petal Graves - Olivia Wildenstein

Rose Petal Graves (The Lost Clan #1)

Review: Rose Petal Graves - Book #1 The Lost Clan Series - Olivia Wildenstein - March 2017

First off, I have to say I love this cover and have a cover crush on it. It is one of the things that drew me to reading this book. The book starts off with Catori coming back home from Boston where she has been living. Catori came from a small town called Rowan where nothing exciting happened until now. Her mother is dead, people say from a heart attack, but Catori knows that something is up as healthy people don't just drop dead the way her mother did. It turns out that life for Catori is about to get stranger as her family on her mother's side were cursed, and some were fae hunters gifted with the sight to see people's true facades. Catori is one who has been gifted, and it seems that her mother unleashed a hunter who has been dormant for years. For the fae hunter to live, she must take a body, and in doing so, Catori's mother has paid the price. What will happen, though, when the death of her mother starts to bring strange people to town and soon Catori is thrust into the world of Faes and Fae Hunters. It seems a domino effect has started and an army of hunters are to be raised but for them to be raised more people need to die in the small town of Rowan. Can Catori save her town with the unusual help of Cruz- a fae who is supposed to be her family's arch nemesis? Find out in this fast-paced tale of Fae mixed with the ancient lore and mythology of the Gottowa tribe. Normally, I am not one for reading books about Fae as they tend to drag often, but Rose Petal Graves was a fast moving book and had suspense and murder elements added to the story to make it more interesting and captivating. If you are on the lookout for a new Fae series, then check out Book #1 Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein in the Lost Clan series.


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