Friday, April 2, 2021

Review: First Comes Like - Alisha Rai

First Comes Like (Modern Love, #3)

Review: First Comes Like - Book #3 Modern Love Series - Alisha Rai - February 2021

Remember Jia Ahmed - Katrina and Rhiannon's roommate? Book #3 of Modern Love is Jia's story and how she found love though it turned out to be a bumpy and chaotic ride. Jia for the past year has been talking online through DM's with Bollywood actor Dev Naik and now she has found out that he is coming to the US and will be right in her town promoting a new Hollywood movie. Jia sees this as an opportunity to meet up with the guy behind all the romantic messages. Unfortunately, Dev starts to ghost Jia and she wants to know why and why this wonderful guy just stopped talking to her. She finds out the location and as she is an influencer and beauty vlogger, she gets an invite to the launch party. She goes up to Dev but he has no idea who she is. This leads to Jia's heartbreaking slowly as she discovers she was catfished. The thing though is Dev has an idea who was behind it and wants to make it up to Jia. The two catch up and soon Dev gets to know the real Jia and becomes obsessed with her videos and finds himself falling for her. What will happen though when Jia and Dev end up being snapped together and both sets of the family see the picture? For Jia, this is about to get out of control as her family is Muslim and soon her parents are trying to arrange a marriage for her to Dev. Dev on the other hand comes from Bollywood Royalty and according to his inheritance, he needs to find a wife before his next birthday which is coming up close. Can Jia and Dev put aside their differences and have a fake marriage to please both parties? What will happen though when the romance lines start to blur and both find themselves falling heads over heels for one another? Can a Muslim Influencer and a Bollywood Actor live HEA in the US? Find out in this awesome diverse romance by Alisha Rai which brings together not only romance, a mixed bag of cultures but also romance in the 21st century which is often done through means of social media.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3uiVsHo

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