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Review: Girl on the Run - Abigail Johnson

Girl on the Run

Review: Girl on the Run - Abigail Johnson - October 2020

For years it has been just Katelyn and her mother, Melissa after her dad died when she was little. Her mother has been the type that was super strict and always followed rules and growing up they always moved around never staying in one place too long. That is until Katelyn now seventeen believes her mother deserves happiness and without her mother's knowledge, she creates a dating profile for her mother. Of course, her mother isn't happy that Katelyn broke the rules and now disaster has struck as the people that Melissa had hoped would never find her at least not till after Katelyn turned 18 has turned up and ready to strike and cause damage. Now Katelyn and her mother are on the run. When they get separated, Katelyn becomes worried especially when she finds that they are after her too. Along the way, Katelyn meets Malcolm. He was the one behind the computer algorithm that found Katelyn and her mother and he lets her know about her mother's past and soon Katelyn will discover her birth was a lie and that her mother had been trying to protect her from evil.
Girl on the Run was a quick read and easy to get into as was very suspenseful and filled with secrets and twists and OMFG moments. It was interesting reading this book as it was a storyline, I have read a couple of times and as I was starting this book, I did have to check if I had read this one as it sounded so familiar.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/31ONoC1

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