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Review: Blood - Ivy Nelson

Blood (Diamond Doms #1)

Review: Blood - Book #1 Diamond Doms - Ivy Nelson - January 2020

I have to say I enjoyed the first book of this series more than I thought I would. I was attracted to the series by the titles and with this one Blood + Diamond Doms = Blood Diamonds in my mind and I did love the Leonardo DiCaprio movie. In this book, we meet Holly Sutton whose father owns a big Diamond business and on the other side, we have her brother Patrick Sutton and Elijah Barnett. They are her dad's competitors and also they do things the legal way whereas Nicholas Sutton and his team are dirty as dogs except they have kept Holly in the dark by not giving her responsibilities in case she caught on. When Patrick offers Holly a way to break free of her dad and work for a company she admires, she jumps at the chance and imagines her surprise when the famous Elijah Barnett is the same Eli who promised to call her three months ago but didn't. Now Eli is in a bind as he has strong feelings for Holly but he didn't realize that Sutton was her last name. Could Hope not to know what her father is up to or has she been sent to be a spy, a double agent? This book talks about the family dynamics and the vendetta between Elijah/Patrick and Nicholas Sutton as well as the introduction of Holly into the world of BDSM as it turns out both Eli and Patrick are part of the exclusive Club Solitaire and are Doms. Is Holly ready to embrace "all" of Elijah even it means training to become his submissive to his Dom? Find out in Book #1 Blood. I am now looking forward to moving on and reading Book #2 Heist which is Patrick Sutton's story. Blood has a great mix of romantic suspense and BDSM and a great start to the Diamond Doms series by Ivy Nelson.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kItPGz

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