Saturday, July 24, 2021

Review: His Moonflower - TK Cherry

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His Moonflower (Single Dad's Romance, #3)

Review: His Moonflower - Book #3 Single Dads Collection - TK Cherry - June 2021

Looking for an older man / younger woman to read? His Moonflower by TK Cherry is just the read for you as we have a hunky single dad Adam who is 43 years old and has two boys and then our younger woman across the road Everly who has just turned 20 and lives with her aunt and Uncle and still in college. For years Everly has had a major crush on Adam - the hot dad across the road, but little does she know it was never one-sided as he has jerked off a few times to her behind the blinds as his bedroom sees into hers. When Adam needs a babysitter fast, it looks like he is in a dire situation but luckily Everly whom the boys like and even have small crushes on - like father, like sons steps up to the plate. During this time, it will become apparent they both have feelings for each other but with Adam being friends with her aunt and Uncle and the age gap, will everyone accept them dating, or will they get dirty looks? Find out in His Moonflower by TK Cherry. What I loved about this book, was that even though it is an Older Man/ Younger Woman read - it wasn't solely focused on just the sex but Adam and Everly's interaction with his kids.

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