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Review: Fierce - Ginger Voight

Fierce (Fierce, #1)

Review: Fierce - Book #1 Fierce Series - Ginger Voight - December 2013

Jordi was never a small-town girl in her mind, she just didn't fit into their usual stereotypes. She was a big girl fitting in Size 20+ clothes, she loved to sing and when she turned 18, she hightailed into the land of singing and celebrities in LA. Here she meets her new GBF and moved in with him and soon had gigs singing at Drag clubs. She wanted more, but all these cattle calls were looking for someone skinny, blonde and perfect, not someone who is a big woman and loves to dye her hair funky colors and someone who stands out. That is until she sees a casting call for a new reality show similar to American Idol but this show is wanting those contestants who are considered "freaks of the world", those who stand out and don't fit into the cookie-cutter world. When Jordi tries out for the show, she gets in of course with her amazing and powerful voice. Everything is going well until they have to do home visits. Now that Jordi has gotten famous, her mother and her booty call Eddie to want to be part of her life. I have to admit, this part frustrated me and how Jordi let them dictate her life for so long. It's like Jordi open your eyes and tell them to f-- off as you don't need them, you never did and some people love you and want you for you in your life. This was a great coming out of her shell start to a good series and shows females that you don't have to be a super skinny bottle-blond to be successful and that sometimes just by being yourself, you can be just as awesome and fierce.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ihdQwd

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