Friday, July 16, 2021

VBT# I Miss School - Ryan Reaves

I Miss School

Review: I Miss School - Ryan Reaves - February 2021

This particular one I decided to read and review on my site was the fact that it was written by a 6-year-old girl named Ryan Reaves, a cute little African-American girl. The book I Miss School is a very simple to read picture book and perfect for ages 2 -6 years old with its three words, one sentence per page along with bright and colourful illustrations. The book was inspired by Ryan having to stay at home during the lockdown and unable to go to school, play with her friends, spend time with her teacher and have fun in the playground, and most importantly missing a normal life where she doesn't have to wear a mask all the time.  Reading this book also goes to show how by supporting our children, that even at a young age they can achieve greatness if they are given the opportunity just like Ryan Reaves.

: https://amzn.to/35ExFHT

I Miss School: Reaves, Ryan: 9781736776308: Amazon.com: Books

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