Review: Of Light and Dark - Danah Logan

Of Light and Dark (The Dark #3)

Review: Of Light and Dark - Book #3 The Dark Series - Danah Logan - June 2021

Book #3 of The Dark series is finally here and wow, just as the other two books previously packed a punch. Book #3 Of Light and Dark packed the biggest of all as Lily discovered that Nate aka, He hasn't been the only person watching her all this time but someone else and even more dangerous as this person has waited in the shadows till Lily's 18th birthday and once she has Lily's signature then Lily and the guy she has kept alive for the past 18 years will no longer have a reason to be alive, as they have served her purpose. This person is revealed in the book but for the most part, we know her simply as "Her". We also get answers about the reasons behind the constant cameras in the household from Tristan and learn about a tragedy that happened years earlier. Like the previous books we see Lily and Rhys being pulled from all over and they have this rocky turbulent relationship as Lily wants to be the savior and thinks keeping things quiet and away from others will keep them safe and then you have Rhys who thinks by being the strong alpha type is the way. I have to say, I do wonder what type of relationship they will have after all the drama has settled down as some relationships need the drama to thrive and survive on otherwise there is nothing left. I do like how this book makes way for Book #4 which will be the best friends tale. Overall, this was a good way to finish Book #3 of the Trilogy between Rhys and Lily and I look forward to the next part which hopefully will be less full-on and dramatic.



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