Review: Her Darkest Night - Melinda Woodhall

Her Darkest Night: A Veronica Lee Thriller

Review: Her Darkest Night - Book #6 Veronica Lee Thrillers - Melinda Woodhall - May 2021

Continuing with Melinda Woodhall's Veronica Lee series, this time we are put back on the storyline of Dante Roth who was part of the trafficking and drug group known as the Syndicate. Lately, they have been taking girls from the Belmont Psychiatric hospital, girls that are part of the state and those who wouldn't normally be missed. The thing is though that the latest girl they took even though she is part of the state - her real mother does care about her and will aim to get help from whoever she can which of course is our band of not-cops but great crime solvers. Emelia's mother heads to our favorite PI company Barker and Dawson. Meanwhile, Veronica Lee is dropping Skylar at the hospital for a day's stay to visit in the Art room where she hears them on a Code Grey lockdown and Emelia has gone missing. This sparks her journalistic mind and so we now have Veronica and Hunter on the case. Eventually of course, when it looks like foul play is at hand as Skylar witnesses a murder of a patient and she finds herself the main suspect, the actual police get involved and we get a guest appearance in this book by Leo Steele who we met first in the Mercy Harbor series. Can our band of misfit crime solvers figure out what's going on and prove not just Skylar's innocence but uncover a conspiracy and continue to unravel and convict more members of the Syndicate? Find out in another awesome thriller by Melinda Woodhall, who has also just written a spin-off series featuring the chief of Police Nessa which I am looking forward to reading.



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