Review: The Sorority Murder - Allison Brennan

The Sorority Murder by Allison Brennan

Review: The Sorority Murder - Allison Brennan - December 2021

Are you a fan of podcasts and true crime tales? Allison Brennan's upcoming novel combines not only crime and murder but also the world of podcasts and how technology these days and crowdsourcing can help solve crimes that would otherwise have gone cold forever. Lucas Vega is obsessed with the disappearance of Candace Swain who vanished three years ago and then a week later her body washed up in a lake at the local golf course. Lucas was connected in a couple of ways to Candace including that at the time of her disappearance a few weeks before, she had been tutoring him in creative writing/ English. Somebody in the sorority or the school has to know what happened to Candace as along with her vanishing is a couple more and as we read The Sorority Murder by Allison Brennan - the various cases will start to intertwine and overlap and if Lucas is lucky, he won't solve just one murder but help close two disappearances as well. In The Sorority Murder, Lucas will be joined by ex-Marshall Reagan Merritt who is currently in between career and life decisions and this cold case might be what the doctor ordered to take her mind off her grieving. As I love college murders and tales as well as crime and mysteries and I loved the modern take using podcasting, The Sorority Murder ticked all the right boxes of a good read. If you like the sound of this, then mark your calendars as the book is released in December, just in time for Christmas Break.




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