Thursday, April 16, 2015

VBT# Consensual - Livia Jamerlan

Review: Consensual - Book #1 Consensual - Livia Jamerlan - August 2014

After having a rough time growing up and witnessing things she shouldn't have, once she was eighteen years old, she focused all her attention on two things - work and school. She was training to be a lawyer while cleaning houses at the same time, the one thing she didn't count on though was falling for her new client Peyton Haas. Law School has been the only thing Braelynn has aimed for and now her hard work has been rewarded with an once in a lifetime opportunity to work an internship with a major law firm which only one student gets awarded with each year. The case lands her working opposite Mr. Haas and she knows she should stay away from him as it could only hinder her job as a wannabe laywer in training. The client Mr. Haas is representing is Devon who is up for slander, but as Braelynn aka Lynn digs deeper into his past, she discovers five rape charges that were dropped almost immediately and never followed up on and due to her past, that is one thing that she is passionate about and what led her into pursuring a career in law. Over time we see her get closer to Peyton and learn he has a fifty shades side and into the BDSM world. Will this scare Livia off or will she find herself wanting to learn more and know Peyton better ? Out of the different BDSM books I have read, I found Consensual ( which has gotten the title from her safe word) quite well written and enjoyable as it doesn't go too deep into detail but enough for readers to gain access to the world of BDSM.



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