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Review: Third Time Lucky - Pippa Croft

Third Time Lucky (Oxford Blue, #3)

Review: Third Time Lucky - Book #3 The Oxford Blue Series - Pippa Croft - October 2014

It's coming up to Easter Break, and Lauren was looking forward to finally getting away from everything that has happened the past year and heading home to the States for a holiday which included mainly a break away from everything Alexander Hunt. That is until just as she is about to get ready to leave, she receives a phone call from the hospital saying that Alexander Hunt has been injured and rushed to surgery and she is listed as his next of kin. Lauren rushes and discovers he is broken and injured and will need lots of TLC. This causes Lauren to cancel her trip home as she stays at the Hunt's estate and care for Alexander. This causes Lauren to rush back headfirst into the over the dramatic world that is Alexander Hunt. A world of vindictive ex-girlfriends, cousins and those who just like to put their nose where it doesn't belong. Will this close call be the wake-up that the pair needs to try and be a third-time lucky relationship? In the Third time Lucky, we also get to meet Lauren's family properly as they arrive in London for a holiday and to meet Alexander after Valentina's interference. I have to admit; I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other two books. I think because overall this series is very much a back and forth romance between Alexander and Lauren and filled with too much drama. Their relationship is also right through the series a one step forward and two steps back. It got to the point in this book, where I wanted to scream at Lauren and Alexander and say "WAKE UP, MAKE A BLOODY DECISION ON WHERE YOU BOTH STAND ALREADY."  If you are in the mood for an Intercontinental UK/American turbulent romance with a College/University setting, then check out the Oxford Blues series by Pippa Croft.


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