Friday, March 3, 2017

VBT# The Secret Billionaire - Teymour Shahabi

The Secret Billionaire

Review: The Secret Billionaire - Book #1 - Teymour Shahabi - September 2016

The Secret Billionaire has a strong start with an incident happening in 1960 where a reclusive billionaire who owned most of the town disappeared without a trace when his plane went down.  Lyndon Surway with no relatives and family, left some of his money to his workers to provide for their families and children's education and the rest of his money, estates - everything else was left to Lucian Baker.  The thing though is that no-one could ever track down Lucian Baker and so it remained uncollected for 50 years. It was rumored that Lyndon had stored away his fortune, but many sought it out and not one found traces. It was a town mystery. The other thing that Lyndon Surway started was a scholarship fund to a private elite school. Every year, children put forth applications, but none were ever chosen. That is until now; orphan Andrew Day has been awarded a scholarship. Upon arriving, he meets a couple of new friends Olivia and Cameron who tell him all about the history of Lyndon Surway and Lucian Baker and the missing fortunes. During the book, Andrew stumbles upon the fortune but can he tell anyone about it? So begins the journey of Andrew's to unravel about what truly happened to Lyndon Surway and that of Lucian Baker. Andrew is about to get the surprise of his life when he discovers their connection to him. I have to admit, this story had an amazing beginning and middle but near the end, it started to lack the oomph of the story and though The Secret Billionaire ends on a cliffhanger ending, I felt it was a bit of a let-down as I had expected a bit more with the conclusion. It was like Anticipation, Anticipation, Anticipation and then Wham, Bam - the story is done, and you are left thinking WTF just happened here, and I want more. I am interested to see though what direction Teymour takes the remainder of the series, and maybe a lead-up to Lyndon's decision on his will-making would hold a good backstory.

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