Friday, March 3, 2017

VBT# Wanderlust - Daisy Prescott

Wanderlust (Modern Love Story, #3)

Review: Wanderlust - Book #3 Modern Love Stories - Daisy Prescott - February 2017

Previously published as Missionary Position in June 2014
It's funny how covers can make us think one thing about the book and then once we get reading we discover what the book actually is about as for me judging by the cover, I thought hmm this is different Daisy is writing a New Adult when she normally covers Adult novels, but once I got reading, I discovered that this was in fact not a New Adult novel at all. Dr. Selah Elmore is one of those women who loves sex with no strings, and she can list all the different races of guys that she has had sex with, and a Dutch person isn't one of them , so when she is approached at the Airport on her way to Amsterdam by a woman named Anita telling her that her brother is in Amsterdam and they would make a great pair, she thinks why the heck not. It's not like she will ever see him again. So while in Amsterdam before her main trip to Ghana, Selah meets up with Gerhard and the pair hit it off and have a couple of wonderful days and nights together before they head their separate ways. While in Ghana, though, Selah can't get Gerhard off her mind and coincidentally she runs into him in Ghana but here he is going under a different name - Kai. Was Gerhard real or was this one of those holiday fantasy flings ? Can Kai aka Gerhard put the idea of love and an actual relationship into Miss "freedom and no-strings" Elmore ? The other thing that I liked about Missionary Position is that in the last chapter, we catch a glimpse of the characters from Daisy's previous books as she threads all three stories together. If you are a "free spirited - no strings" attached kind of woman, then give this book a go as it might just changing your thinking and make you go looking for your own Kai/Gerhard.

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