Review: Perfect Little Flaws - Jennifer Ann Shore

Perfect Little Flaws

Review: Perfect Little Flaws - Jennifer Ann Shore -  June 2021

After reading and enjoyed Everywhere Always by Jennifer Ann Shore, when I saw Perfect Little Flaws pop up on Booksirens it caught my attention. Like Everywhere Always, the main female character in this book is dealing with grief but this time her older brother Jake has died whilst played a sport he loved so much and was amazing at. For the past two years, Maren has stepped away from the world of soccer and everything to do with it, which has also meant not having anything to do with her Uncle Eric who is the boys' soccer coach at her school. Her family shut down in grief and Maren faded into the background and took up photography and sought solace in her art teacher, whom we later see is a creepy older sleaze as he cared for Maren, more than he should have. She has one more year and then she can leave the grief-stricken home but what will happen when the next rising star in Soccer who is said to rival her brother's abilities Vince Novak turns up at her school. Maren hates him initially with a passion as he reminds her too much of her brother and what he stood for, but as she gets to know the true Vince Novak and his little flaws - it is soon obvious that the pair are made for each other and Vince is the one person who might just be able to help Maren out of her grief fog and stand up to her parents and reconnect with her Uncle Eric. Perfect Little Flaws was a clean YA read and I have to admit a bit of a tearjerker as I don't normally cry in books - it is VERY RARE but the last chapter of this book before the Epilogue made my eyes tear up. If you are looking for a new angsty/ clean YA author to get stuck into, then Jennifer Ann Shore should be added to your reading lists.



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