Sunday, August 29, 2021

Review: The Stolen Husband - Loretta Lost

The Stolen Husband

Review: The Stolen Husband - Book #2 Marriage Mistake Thrillers - Loretta Lost - July 2021

After reading The Sick Wife and loving it to pieces as I mean I rated it 5Ps and a highly recommended, you could see how I had high expectations for Book #2 The Stolen Husband and it was good to start with as Evie and Lucas's relationship was going well and it had looked like Gabriel and Cam's relationship was heading in a great direction too as we see the ink dry on the divorce papers and their wedding invitations sent out. This action spurs Lucas into taking Evie away on a lovely holiday to Mallorca. During this time Lucas posts a picture of the two of them together on Instagram and Evie starts to receive threatening messages to stay away from Lucas or else. Lucas at first doesn't seem worried, but Evie is and soon she will learn that Lucas was married before and has kids. They leave Spain and Evie hopes the messages will stop, but soon she meets Veronica at Yoga, along with a new friend and single parent Zoe and then strange messages start appearing again. Who is stalking Lucas and wants Evie dead and out of the way? What dark secrets has Lucas been hiding? This was a good read, yet disappointing in ways too as it felt rushed and the ending was so abrupt and you didn't see it coming and so it felt like a brick wall. I feel that the parts of Lucas's ex, families, and secrets could have been expanded on and fleshed out a little more.  Overall, The Stolen Husband was a good thriller but nowhere in comparison to the amazing book The Sick Wife was. In saying that though, I will be reading Book #3 The Silent Child which is Veronica's story.

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